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In the spring of 1827, Levi Collier was elected the first township supervisor of  Bay Settlement.  He died that same year and his term was filled by Antoine LaFountain.  In 1835, a document from the United States Post Office was received stating that the Post Office had officially changed the name from Bay Settlement to Erie, County of Monroe, Territory of Michigan.


Erie Township anchors the south-east corner of the state, and has slowly grown to a community of just under 5,000 people.  It has remained a largely rural community with fine orchards, many farms, and the sweetest corn available anywhere in the summer months.  We are proud of our township and it's history.

“Erie Township was one of the first five organized in Monroe County under the act of Congress in 1827, which by act of the legislative council, comprised all that part of the county of Monroe south of the south line of Monroe township and east of the east line of the township of Raisinville, bounded on the south by township No.8, south of the base line and including ranges 6, 7, and 8 east of the meridian. It was provided that the first election should be held at the house of Francis Cousineau. Thus the township included within its specified boundaries all of the present townships of Erie, Bedford, LaSalle except a strip of about a half mile in width lying between the present Ohio line and the south line of township No.8; this by the same act was to constitute the township of Port Lawrence; as before stated was in the ‘disputed territory;’ - in this position the geographical line remained until after the ‘Toledo War,’ after which this strip was attached to the townships lying north of it in Michigan…”